How to move a hog, the Heathen Homestead Way


Thanks to our friends at the Acevedo Homestead for giving us a tip on how to move our hogs. Food on a stick does the trick to get Penne and Alfredo our 2 American Guinea Hogs moved from our garden where they had been doing some tilling for us, back to their pen in the woods.


Gonna Bee Ready for the Spring!

We put in some work today with the kids helping to spruce up the beehives for the Spring. 

We are looking to get a couple hives worth of bees to start this year. Lost our last hives to wax worms that went unnoticed for too long. We will not be making that mistake again! Always striving to make new mistakes! 

The bee hives had to be scraped out and we also painted the outsides to help protect the wood a little! It was a perfect day for painting outside and letting the kids get some sun and play in!