Herbal Products

We will be featuring a variety of herbal products including dried herbs, teas, tinctures, salves, bath salts and more.

Seasonally we may also sell plants so you can grow your own medicinal herbs!

Lip Balms $2.50 a tube, $4.00 a tin

Lip Balm Varieties – Keep It Simple Silly Lavender and Calendula Lip Balm or Pink Shimmer Lavender and Calendula Lip Balm

Herbal Teas $6.00 an ounce

Tinctures $8.00 1oz bottle, $15.00 2oz bottle

Working Hands Salve – ​Working Hands Salve, freshly made at the Heathen Homestead with chickweed oil, calendula oil, yarrow oil, goldenrod oil, coconut oil and beeswax! Perfect for cracked, calloused, dry, and sore working hands! $5 for 1oz tin or $10 for a 2oz tin